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Dirty Movie Go-erz!

Posted in KeithiSodes with tags on March 24, 2010 by keithisodes

Heres A Ex. About People Who Goes Top the Movies, Mainly BLACK PEOPLE!! lol who dnt know where da trash is… dont shut up durin movies n just.. being IGNORENT for the workers who has to do more than their job!!! ENJOY!!!!! Welcum To KeithiSodes Ladies n Gentelman!!! This si My Blog Page on all Updated Info on how i Feel, What U Think i Should Talk About (in other Words.. SUGGESTIONS) and Just Basic Life!! but Instead of Boring old people Talk n Elaberating it!! ima talk & Make it MY WAY!!!! WARNING.. EXPLICIT CONTENT, LANGUAGE, AND… JUST…. ME!!!!! So if u like it i love it, if u hate it.. i still love it cuz its my Blog, My Show, MY PAGE!!!! Hoffa at me World!!